Tooth whitening including Zoom and Enlighten at Leagrave Dental Sedation Clinic

             Power Whitening (Zoom)

      This is a very simple and effective procedure for those who wish to whiten teeth quickly. 

       It's done in the dental surgery and is very useful for those who are short of time and patience.

       We use the popular Zoom! ™ system. Your dentist/hygienist applies a protective coating to cover your lips, cheeks and gums.

       Whitening gel is placed on your teeth and a light is directed over your teeth for fifteen minutes. This is repeated a further two times.

        The whole procedure takes about an hour.


             Home Whitening

          (Enlighten system) This combines the home whitening system with a follow up in surgery power whitening to seal the results.

          This gives a guaranteed whitening effect.

          This is done at home usually at night in bed or for a few hours at a time.

          Your dentist fits you with special whitening trays, which hold the whitening gel on your teeth.

          The concentration of the chemicals is not as strong as with the power whitening. It is a safe and effective treatment at a relatively low cost.

          The results take a little more time to achieve, usually two to four weeks.




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